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Aluminum Clad Wood Windows by Lincoln

Distinction Collection - Aluminum Clad

*Available in Casement, Awning, Double Hung, Slider, Bay/Bow and specialty

Efficient, Elegant and Exact...-64 years of manufacturing experience built into every unit 

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  1. 4-9/16” jamb.
  2. 1-3/16” thick side jambs, head and sill.
  3. 7/8” warm edge insulating glass.
  4. Interior wood glazing bead.
  5. Maximum thickness sill cover.
  6. Full surround weatherstrip on the frame.
  7. .050 extruded aluminum on sash and frame. Vinyl exteriors utilize .050 extruded PVC vinyl. Wood units have primed sash on the exterior with cPVC sill, sill nosing and brickmould.
  8. Injected frame corners on aluminum clad products with corner key for added stability. Fusion welded corners on vinyl clad frames.
  9. 1-3/4” thick sash.
  10. Flexible leaf weatherstrip on sash stiles and combination drip cap leaf on top rail.

Aluminum clad is definitely the most popular exterior choice, offering color flexibility and structural strength while providing a homeowner with a low maintenance exterior. Heavy .050 extruded aluminum frames and sash protect homes from the outdoors and add structural integrity for maximum functionality. Our Distinction Collection includes a full line of windows and patio doors plus a multitude of options.

Beauty, durability, variety and performance are all brought to you by the Distinction Collection. 

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