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Napa Valley Doors is the newest addition to the Everlast Group.

The S-108 embodies the beauty of wood panels with its panelled doorlites.  This door will make passers-by stop and admire the front of your home.  Choose the glass that best suits you for the sidelites to complete the look you want.

Hand crafted from solid raw wood planks

  • up to 42" Dood slab
  • 2-1/4" thick solid door slab 
  • 1-3/4" solid wood jamb
  • Adjustable black anodized door sills
  • concealed sweep
  • Neoprene Compression weatherstripping
  • Dowel construction
  • Mahogany, walnut, white oak, red oak, cherry and cedar finishes

 Custom orders are also welcome  upon request  - call TODAY 

 TF: 1.800.897.5118  LOCAL: 416-241-8527

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