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Napa Valley Doors is the newest addition to the Everlast Group.

Double the appeal of your entrance with a C-202 Solid wood double arched doorway. Timeless arched styling to enhnace the front of any home.

Hand crafted from solid raw wood planks

  • up to 42" Dood slab
  • 2-1/4" thick solid door slab 
  • 1-3/4" solid wood jamb
  • Adjustable black anodized door sills
  • concealed sweep
  • Neoprene Compression weatherstripping
  • Dowel construction
  • Mahogany, walnut, white oak, red oak, cherry and cedar finishes

 Custom orders are also welcome  upon request  - call TODAY 

 TF: 1.800.897.5118  LOCAL: 416-241-8527

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