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Aluminum Patio Door

The 1200 Series, the most versatile aluminum patio door in today’s aesthetically demanding market, is perfect for architectural specification, as its possibilities for customization are extensive. Whether it’s colour, sill heights, glass or hardware, the 1200 Series offers the most flexibility to answer any building or climatic need.

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Design Flexibility In the same perimeter frame, doors can be configured up to six panels wide with fixed or operable panels and coupling members that join larger doors together. They also fill openings or create continuous glass façades. Transoms and fixed sidelites also complete the advanced design.

Draft Protection
To reduce air through doors, full perimeter double fin-seal weather stripping creates comfortable, draft-free living spaces.

Rain Protection
A range of optional sill heights are used to guard against water penetration in mild to severe climates.

Low-rise sills aid passage for the disabled, a special Sunview feature.

Fully reversible standard height panels can be changed even after installation.

Architectural Finishes
Electrostatically baked enamel in white or dark bronze – and customized enamel, fluorocarbon, anodized and high performance finishes.

Dual Split Finish Option
Sunview’s innovative design permits different finishes at nominal cost on door insides and outsides, an advantage to owners and architects.

Sill Finish Options
Painted or anodized sills with stainless steel tracks, a custom feature, or standard mill finished aluminum.

Transoms and Sidelites
Sunview’s joining fixed glazing mates with sliding door systems to allow greater flexibility in aesthetic and architectural applications.

Easy to Install
For trouble-free installation, frames and panels, shipped in pre-fabricated knockdown kits, contain hardware and instructions.

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