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A Proud History

Our windows and doors are designed to bring beauty and elegance to your home. Manufactured to your customized requirements, we offer you quality products backed by a company with over 60 years of experience. We take pride in producing custom windows and doors. We have the ability to let you distinguish your house from all others. We have put together a team with the ability to adapt to change and as well to meet customer requirements. We look forward to servicing your window and door needs.

Mike Bruno

Everlast - the journey to today

The following history shows how Everlast in the past 60 years grew from a small Aluminum shop to a one-stop shop powerhouse manufacturer.
The story begins in 1961 when Frank Bruno only 16 at the time joined Everlast.


Everlast Established

Original company selling Aluminum products founded by Albert Both

Everlast logo small
7th, Sep


4th, Jan


Frank Bruno Joins Everlast

Everlast now employs 7 including 16 year old future owner Frank Bruno.

Alumitex is launched

Everlast is amongst the first to manufacture Vinyl Windows. This is the inspiration to the birth of Alumitex.

Alumitex logo small
4th, Aug


18th, Feb


Frank Bruno Invests

Frank Bruno still an empolyee at the time decides to buy shares into Everlast.

The company sees great success all through the 70's

The Boys

At the tender age of 10 and 8 Mike and Johnny express an interest in making windows and start to accompany Dad to work…so it begins.

10th, Feb


1st, Jan


Everlast under the Bruno's

The Bruno family become sole owners of Everlast and Alumitex marking the beginning of great things to come.

Air-Tite is Established

As a natural progression to the increasing demands of Everlast & Alumitex , Air-Tite was launched to handle all the insulated Glass demands. A new partnership with Nick Belpulsi

Air-Tite Logo Small
1st, Jul


1st, Jul


Everlast moves to a new home

Consolidating all the companies into one 45,000 sq ft facility at 299 Carlingview Drive


NAPA Valley Doors becomes a new member of the Everlast Group

Established in 2007 by Sandy Figliomeni and Sergio Vittorino with a focus on manufacturing high end solid wood custom doors. Fabulous doors lead to high demand and Napa had already outgrown it’s original home after only 1 year. After a partnership with Everlast, Napa Valley Doors is now housed at 299 Carlingview Drive and is now named Napa Valley Doors by Everlast

Napa Valley Doors Logo Small
1st, Oct


1st, Oct



Branding begins for a new era under the name

Everlast Group
1st, Sep


IG Future

Everlast divests itself of the Insulated Glass Business - AirTite Leaves the group

15th, Jan


Cardinal IG

Everlast partners with Cardinal IG and they are back in the insulated glass business in a whole new way...